How to tie your Karate Belt

One of the most common questions that we get asked by new students (and parents) is “How do I tie my belt?”  So rather than answering the same question again and again, we made this short video lesson showing you step by step with a front view, top view and guide for parents and instructors (or dojo leaders).

Performed by: Shihan Martin Phillips (5th Dan)

Filmed at: Sunshine Coast Karate, Maroochydore Dojo, 2012.

Duration – 2 min : 32 sec

If you have a little trouble following along with the video above, you can follow along with this step by step series of photos showing you how to tie you belt.  This series of photos is a brief extract from the ICKF of Australia Beginner Manual (PDF Download).

Tip for Parent Coaches – Just like learning how to tie your shoes, learning how to tie your belt takes practice.  If you want your child to learn quickly and in turn develop the associated sense of pride and accomplishment then you are going to need to learn how to tie the belt correctly first yourself.  Kids are great at following the example set by their parents.  If you are pro-active in the learning process your kids are more likely to follow your lead.  Also note, there are a few great tips in the video above especially for teaching young children how to tie their belt.

Belt Tying Video #2:  Check out this fun video and learn how to tie your karate belt in minutes.  Thank you to Sensei Helen, Debbie and our amazing karate kids for featuring in this video.


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