The Chito-Ryu Karate-Do grading requirement used in Australia is based on the ICKF grading requirements (as used in Japan and many other countries).  The belt colours in Australia are different than other countries.  Collectively the shihan-kai decided to introduce a system that awards a different belt for each of the kyu levels 12th kyu to 1st kyu.

In addition, it was decided that students should develop certain “key basics” as they progress throughout the levels.  There are a few extra sets of bunkai (applications), which help give a simple explanation of the kata that are practiced and tested in some Australian dojos.  You will also notice basic bo (staff) techniques and kata are introduced to students, which are taught by Soke Sensei, but not formally part of the ICKF grading requirements.

One final note:  The number in the fitness column in the table below is the number of push ups, sit ups and squat kicks that the student is required to do at each level as part of their grading test.

Download the grading requirements 12th kyu – 4th dan (PDF) or view in the table below.

Belt ColourRankKata ▪ BasicsBunkai ▪ Weapons ▪ OtherFitnessKey Basics (Australia)
12th kyuKihon (Basics)5Correct form & body structure
Kick, Punch, Block, Stances, Stepping
11th kyuKihon Dosa Ichi10Metsuke (eye focus)
Hikite (pull back of arm)
Seiken (correct fist)
Shibori (squeeze armpit)

Co-ordination, body control & flexibility

Kumite: guard, footwork, attacks
10th kyuKihon Dosa Ni
Seiken no Migi Hidari
Kihon Dosa Bunkai15
9th kyuKihon Dosa San
Zenshin Kotai
Kihon Dosa 3 Bunkai
Zenshin Kotai Bunkai
8th kyuKihon Dosa Yon
Enpi no Kata
Nijuushichi Te Waza
Kihon Dosa 4 Bunkai25Kime (focus at end of technique)
Seichusen (correct centre line, target)
Kokyu (breathing)

Kumite: distance & defence
7th kyuKihon Kata Ichi30
6th kyuKihon Kata Ni35
5th kyuKihon Kata SanRinten Bunkai ▪ Ukemi40Suriashi (sliding feet while stepping)
Shime (correct muscle tension)
Hikiashi (pull back of leg)

Sharpening weapons

Kumite: timing, speed & accuracy
4th kyuShihowari
Shime no Kata
Tehodoki no waza (wrist escapes)
Shihohai Bunkai
3rd kyuSeisanSeisan bunkai50
2nd kyuNiseishi DaiNiseishi Bunkai ▪ Ukemi
Kihon Bo 1-14
55Kiai (spirit united with technique)
Posture (align - head, shoulders, hips)
Zanshin (remaining spirit, after attack)

Kumite: fighting spirit
1st kyuBassaiBassai Bunkai ▪ Ukemi
Kihon bo kata 1 & 2
ShodanChintoHenshuho 1~10 ▪ Chinto Bunkai ▪ Ukemi
Kumi bo
NidanSochinHenshuho 11~20 ▪ Sochin Bunkai
100Tame & Kime (elastic, whipping power)
SandanRohai Sho/Dai
Henshuho 21~28
100Seichusen (Correct centre line)
YondanSanshiruNage no Kata
Sakugawa no kon