In any traditional Japanese martial arts, non-Japanese students have so much more to face than just learning the techniques and the philosophy of the martial art they are learning.  From the very first lesson, it quickly becomes apparent that Japanese language is used extensively in the dojo, plus the dojo culture is highly influenced by Japanese culture and practices.


As you enter the dojo for the first time, you will be shown how to bow, your teacher will be explaining things using a lot of Japanese words, everyone will be counting in Japanese, everyone will be calling your teacher “Sensei”, you will go through a ritual of bows at the start and end of class, and so on…


At first it can be confusing and strange, but at the same time it’s intriguing and interesting.  Of course over time you’ll start to learn what to do and what to say and you’ll event start to understand what your Sensei is talking about.

But rather than taking years for it to sink in, we decided to put together this course to help fast track the process and help explain things at a deeper level.

In this FREE course you will learn…

  • Correct etiquette and protocol in the dojo
  • Commonly used commands and their meaning, with correct pronunciation
  • Explanation of cultural and historical relevance of what we do in the dojo
  • Names of the techniques & kata
  • Basic Budo concepts will be explained
  • And you’ll be introduced to philosophical aspects of Chito-Ryu Karate-Do

In short this course will cover the essentials for students, dojo leaders and beginner teachers of Chito-Ryu Karate-Do.

The course will be presented by Shihan Martin Phillips and Sensei Sandra Phillips.


And if this FREE course is not enough, we’re also planning a PREMIUM course that will take things to a whole new level going even deeper and covering much more content on all of the above, with more special guest presenters.  This course will be aimed at students who want to understand guest instructors from Japan even more, students who want to go to Japan and train, teachers who are invited to teach classes in Japan and all other teachers and students who want to take their Japanese studies even further.

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