Get started with our FREE “In Your Corner” Course.  This course is a re-publication of a series of session notes that were pulled together by Coach Karen Armour based on coaching sessions lead by Mitchell German Sensei.  This course is available for FREE to help karate kumite athletes prepare for competition.  Originally aimed at Junior competitors, these notes are relevant to anyone who is serious about developing as a competitive karate athlete.

Through the course, you will learn about:

  • Mind development
  • Technique development
  • Understanding distance and pressure
  • Little things that make a big difference
  • Back to basics
  • Working with short, medium and tall opponents
  • Attacking fundamentals
  • German Sensei’s blueprint (help you understand how to fight an opponent)
  • What to do in the last 30 seconds of a match



And… Just in case you’re wondering why you should bother to sign up for this FREE course, we’d like to tell you a bit about German Sensei and Coach Karen Armour.  When it comes to sports karate, German Sensei really knows his stuff; not only is he a highly accomplished athlete in his own right, but he’s also a very successful coach too.


Here’s a short biography of German Sensei’s achievements in the dojo.

  • Practicing Chito Ryu karate for over 35 years
  • Chief Instructor Halifax Ryuseikan since 2005
  • 6th degree black belt and the rank of Renshi
  • Former WKF Canadian National Kumite Champion (-80 kg) and Canadian National Team member (1998-2001)
  • 6 time Chito-Ryu Soke Cup world champion: 3 time Kumite (1995, 2010, 2013), 1 time team kumite (2013), 1 time Henshuho competition (1995), 1 time kata (2013)
  • Current Soke Cup Champion
  • Kakedemeshi (Chito-Ryu) kumite champion (2008)
  • Nova Scotia Karate Team (WKF) head coach 2001 – present
  • Canada National Team Coach (WKF) 2002-2008
  • 3 time Karate Canada Coach of the Year

And of course, this course would not be available to you now if it was not for the efforts of Coach Karen Armour who pulled all the notes together.

  • Nova Scotia Karate Team coach
  • Karate Canada National Team Assistant Coach
  • Regular kumite instructor at Halifax Ryuseikan Karate Club





And if that’s still not enough, we’ve also got another kumite course in the works too.  We’ve working on a comprehensive Sports Karate Kumite Development Course, also based on the teachings of Mitchell German Sensei, covering areas such as:

  • Attacking
  • Defence
  • Kicking & Sweeping
  • Strategy
  • And more…

This complete course will have video lessons, drills, course notes and a whole lot more.  But as a first step, get started with the FREE “In Your Corner” Course.