Little Champions

About Our Little Champions Program
Our team are passionate about making your family’s martial arts experience enjoyable and meaningful.  In addition to effective self defence skills, your Little Champion will develop healthy habits that will allow them to be successful in school, helpful at home and responsible for their actions.

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child.  Your Little Champions will be a part of a large, positive and supportive community as they grow into exceptional Black Belts and leaders.

This program has been developed collaboratively by professional child educators, professional martial artists and parents to give children a fun, interesting and rewarding introduction into martial arts.

The Sunshine Coast Karate Difference
Strong core values, along with our community-oriented family vibe is woven into the fabric of our programs, our classes, our instructors and our martial arts training facility.  Our Little Champions program will provide a positive, meaningful and encouraging experience that cannot be found anywhere else.  You and your family can expect excellence from:

– Our martial arts instructors
– Our approach, curriculum and programs
– Our facility
– Our history
– Our community

The Core Skills
Your Little Champion will be given the opportunity to understand and ‘practice’ these valuable skills ongoing as they move through the levels.

– Self-discipline
– Balance
– Memory
– Fitness
– Teamwork
– Control
– Co-ordination
– Focus

Learning a New Language
All Little Champions will be immersed in some basic Japanese language throughout all of their classes. View the curriculum for some of the Japanese terms your Little Champion will be learning.

Karate Begins & Ends With Respect
At Sunshine Coast Karate, your Little Champion will be given many opportunities to continually ‘practice’ respect.  Respect for themselves, for others and for their learning environment.  Habits we train are habits we gain!!  

Progressing Through The Levels
One of the major differences with this program is that there are no formal grading tests.  Students are constantly being assessed by instructors on their ability to proficiently perform various developmental skills.  In total there are 7 belt colours and at each belt level, students earn 4 tips on their belts in the following key areas:

  • Body awareness
  • Mind awareness
  • Karate basics & key basics
  • Self defence & kumite

Little Champions Belt Colours
All new Little Champions start as a white belt, then progress through the following levels.

  • Yellow Stripe Belt
  • Orange Stripe Belt
  • Green Stripe Belt
  • Blue Stripe Belt
  • Purple Stripe Belt
  • Brown Stripe Belt
  • Black Stripe Belt

Once students turn 8 years old and graduate to the next program they are given the opportunity to sit a formal grading test and join the regular karate program at their appropriate level.

Download the Little Champions Curriculum(PDF) to see exactly what your Little Champion will be learning at Sunshine Coast Karate.