SCK – Welcome New Members

Welcome to Sunshine Coast Karate.

Here are a few key things to help get you started.

Welcome letters:

Additional Information, welcome package:
(NOTE:  Changes have been made to student progress cards starting January 2017.)

Here’s a quick video that should help answer the most common question that new students ask… “How do I tie my belt?”

One thing we always say to members…

“If you appreciate what we are doing for you, the best way that you can say thank you to us is to refer a new member.”  So, if you have any friends of family members who you think might also want to join Sunshine Coast Karate, gift them with a free trial lesson.

If you haven’t already done so, register now so that you can get FREE access to the SCK members section of this website.  Please note, you will not get instant access, all registrations are checked against the member database and approved by dojo staff.  Only members will get full access.

And, one final thing, when you get settled in, visit our online clothing store:  buy Karate 4 Life and Sunshine Coast Karate merchandise online.  T-shirts, jumpers, bags and more.  Take a look now or shop online.

Thank you again for joining and we look forward to seeing you in the dojo.